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The sightrun takes about hour and a half. Here you will see practically whole central Ljubljana with its riverbanks and parks so you will get real feel of Ljubljana. If you're staying somewhere in the city centre we meet you there otherwise we find meeting point that suits you best. Sometimes we end up on a glass of local beer, where we discus about how far we’ve been running :).

You dictate the pace and if you want to finish earlier, it's also no problem.

Route is planned so that we can end it at 8th, 10th or 12th km, always in the city centre.

You dictate the pace and if you want to finish earlier or prolong it, it's also no problem. 

Sightrunning tour costs 35€. It includes unforgettable experience!

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Don't get lost and feel safe!

Ljubljana its not as big as London but never the less you can get lost quickly especialy runners can wonder away. We also don''t have same crime rate as other capitals but don't be the one to rise that rate :)

Our toures are well prepared and safe plus tracks that we will guide you on are suitable for running. 

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