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Link instead of long e-mail on where to go in Ljubljana

I see that most of us (sight)runners have at least one thing in common. Drinking beer and eating healthy. But mostly beer. On every sight running tour I give directions where and what to eat and drink, so I said to myself I will write it down and just send a link.

I know that this loses the personal touch, but let me explain that this post isn't sponsored it is based on my own experiences as a local. I also will not promote it I any way. Places mentioned below are actual places that I visit with my family and friends. M'kay?

Let's start with our favorite places to hang out.

  • TOZD. It's a nice bar where with great service reasonable prices. We're usually having a draft beer from Slovenian micro brewer Human Fish. They're also making great Aperol Spritz and tapas. They don't have any website but here is the location.
  • Petkovskovo Nabrezje. Place with many bars and a really amazing view of the fish market and Ljubljana's castle. Bars to visit there: Caffe Petkovšek, Premier Pub and Fany &Mary. We're usually visiting Fany & Mary because service in other two is impossible. Map.
  • Knafljev prehod. It's an area of few pubs that stay open a little bit longer from 1 to 3 am. You should go to Cutty Sark Pub if you're thirsty and As Apperitivo if you're hungry. Map.
  • Za popent. Store with rich assortment of local and foreign Beers. Map.
  • Last but not least Pivnica Union. It's a big brewery were they serve Union and Laško beer. But before you say hey they're serving that beer everywhere in Slovenia let me say that they also serve many other types of beers. You can even have a degustation "plate". Nice thing is that the food there is also great plus the place is also pocket friendly! Map.

And places to eat:

  • Strelec Restaurant. Nice views, grat food. On/in the tover of Ljubljana Castle. Web
  • Gostilna na Gradu. Also in the Castle with a menu called "walk across Slovenia". Web.
  • Valentin. Fish market + Restaurant. Map.
  • Klobasarna. We don't hang there but you should try CARNIOLIAN SAUSAGE. Web.
  • Trta. In my opinion best pizza place in City Centre. Map.
  • Pivnica Union (mentioned before)
  • Güjžina. You gotta try the Goulash! Web & Map

Ice Cream (not just for Mrs. Mary):

  • Slaščičarna pri vodnjaku. Nice service, nice area with not so many tourists. Map


  • Metro. + 386 41 240 200
  • Taxi Drago. +386 41 759 579

A Finish Worth Suffering For

As I gasped for my breath, my feet were on fire with the lactic acid building in and when I hopped rocks with the burning sweat in my eyes, again I wondered why this was a good idea! Why? But every bay and every view of the sea and the Islands propelled me further and faster on this cape of island Krk. And in the end I wanted to do it agan!

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Photos from Oviratlon Obstacle Challenge 2015

Obstacle challenge is a 10 km course with obstacles. It's taking place on Pokljuka. It's an amazing challenge and it is suitable for everyone who loves to have fun!


Iški Vintgar Gorge

Some amazing views today over Iški Vintgar gorge:


Accommodations in Ljubljana